Thursday, 24 March 2016

Designing Digital Change

Session Synopsis for Hong Kong, April 2016: 

In this session Mr. Nigel Green shares his experience of preparing organisations for the Digital World. He introduces key concepts that will help open-up the discussion of the implications, risks, and opportunities, of a digital strategy. Whilst the popular definition of “Going Digital” is often focused on digital channels for Marketing purposes, Mr. Green explains why it also impacts many areas of the organisation, and explains why it is not simply the CMO’s, CDO’s, or CIO’s challenge alone. He will also share tools and techniques used in the design & execution of the transformation to a digitally enabled business. In addition, he will discuss pragmatic next steps to take, and share ideas on how to contribute to a business-wide discussion on the subject.

This session should be of interest to anyone trying to get to grips with what “Going Digital” means to their organization, and how to start planning the change:
  • The components of a digitally-enabled Business Model
  • The implications & risks of adopting “Bi-modal IT
  • How to design for the protection of existing core business systems whilst embracing the new
  • Dealing with an unknown future, and adaptive long-range planning
  • The dangers of “Big Design Up Front”, and perhaps paradoxically, why “Adaptive Design” is ever more crucial
  • The business and technology architecture implications - including a perspective on the applicability of a pattern adopted by the “born digitals” (e.g. Netflix, Google, and Amazon)
  • Suggested subject matter experts to track, follow-up research material, and next steps to take.

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